Boat Of ‘Formula One’ Transforms To Yacht Racing

Can you imagine what will happen when big data, self-learning technology and artificial intelligence will meet aerodynamics? Some sports have harnessed the technology power as well as motor racing. However, the high technology has also come from the transformation of yachting and the America’s Cup in particular.

About two years back, the Land Rover became the eponymous Ben Ainslie Racing (BAR) title sponsor, a team of British yacht formed by the four-time Olympic gold medalist. Here, the manufacturer of the motor used this link with industry of boating industry to build the first-ever boat for race boat and that was called as team Land Rover BAR. It sailed in the Bermuda in America’s Cup of 2017.

The result of this effort is Rita, “a fighter jet on water” catamaran and one of the fastest of its kind, having been tested on a Yacht Charter in Greece. In terms of technology, the boat is as advanced as a Formula One car, says Martin Whitmarsh the Boss of Land Rover BAR. He has the experience of 25 years in Formula One and has also served as the CEO of McLaren Racing.

The Rita brought the disappointment for those billed it as the next England’s legendary sailing boat; the boat was eliminated in the America’s Cup semifinals. But the company has hailed the feat of the team for reaching up to the semifinals in the race were in the competition there were people of more than 30 years’ experience participated.

To develop Rita, engineers of BAR drew on research of Land Rover into artificial intelligence and attached the power of data which was generated by test boats. The Rita is about 50ft and has the weight of 2,400kg. It took over 35,000 man hours for Rita to build, and it has the efficiency of reaching the speed of nearly 100km/h. The boat was operated by a crew of six-person.

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