A Lifetime Opportunity For Ingham

Mustafa Ingham has stated that he is humbled and honoured to compete with the elitist sailors of the world at Rolex Sydney Hobart Race that is supposed to start on the Boxing Day. The 21-year-old sailor is amongst the crew who will be competing with the Info Track Racing yacht. The Australian entrepreneur, Christian Beck is the owner of this yacht.

No doubt, this is an opportunity of a lifetime. He feels honoured and also humbled being a part of the star-filled tea. Ingham had competed in Red Bull Youth America Cup for Team Bermuda in last year’s Great Sound. He believes that being a part of the race is going to be an excellent learning experience. He will be able to sail and gain information from some of the best sailors in the world. As a matter of fact, he will be able to call them his teammates.

The 100-foot super-maxi by Beck had led to the victory in the race of 630 nautical miles from Sydney to Hobart under Perpetual Loyal in the year 2016. This is set the record time of a day and 13 hours, 31 mins, and 20 seconds. This had been broken in the next year by Comanche, the rival. Comanche and Info Track is Newport Bermuda Race’s former winner. Comanche is a holder of record of race that stands at 34:42:53.

Before the race, Ingham and these teammates have spent time knowing each other. He has said that the first two days, everyone had been becoming used to sailing with one another as the majority of them had just come from the Volvo Ocean Race competing with different teams. Thus, everyone was working to get on the same page. They had some breakages in the 1st week. However, now, everything is coming together and running smoothly.

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