25th Anniversary Of Glandore Classic Boat Regatta

The 25th anniversary of the Glandore Classic Boat Regatta will be held in July this year.

There would be a unique event called Parade of Sail which will have several restored and unique boats to grace the occasion. Among these the AK Lien, a restored sail trader would be showcased as well. This is the sole vessel of the Sail Trader category that exists of Ireland. Hence, sailing enthusiasts will get a rare chance to see this heritage vessel on the ocean waters. The event will have four days of races, where eight diverse classes are lined up so far. There would be a unique event called cruise in company that will travel to Castletownshend from 23rd to 28th of July. It would be part of the lineup of Glandore regatta. Here a demonstration would also be held of synchronized sailing which will be a highlighted event of this regatta. The vessels taking part in this event will sail from Dublin Bay Water Wags.

The Lien would be the center piece of the event and is a sailing ketch vessel that is 56 feet in length. It was originally built in 1926. Having been constructed at the Baltimore Fishery School Boatyard it was first sailed to the Falklands Islands in 1925 by Conor O’Brien. He was also the first Irishman who completed a circumnavigation across the world. The Lien was used as a trading vessel that sailed the South Atlantic for seventy years. Hence, it is ironic that this trading vessel has been restored and would be put back on the waters again, even if it is only for exhibition purposes. There would also be other elegant boats of historic lineage that would join this historic parade. It would certainly be a sight and an event worth witnessing. Many sailing veterans and enthusiasts would be part of this event.

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